Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears, 2014 version

I’ve made a start updating the notes Gödel Without Tears.

The previous version of the notes was downloaded nearly three thousand times in the last twelve months: so it certainly seems worth putting in the effort to produce a better version, and to get the notes to integrate better with the new edition of my Gödel book.

Some months ago, I rashly said I might try to run some kind of informal online course based on GWT. But unexpected pressures on my time have made that impossible. I’ll only be able to continue updating the notes at irregular intervals. However, you can leave comments on the GWT page to report typos or unclarities. And if you (or your students) post more substantive queries in a sensible form on math.stackexchange then almost certainly someone (quite possibly me!) will answer them.

2 thoughts on “Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears, 2014 version”

  1. It is spring semester of an even-numbered year (starting tomorrow), so I’ll be teaching Advanced Logic. Each time it’s a different demographic. This year, it is 3 grad students (2 math, 1 Comp. Sci.) and 1 undergrad φ. This should mean I can cover more stuff. In particular, I can get through B&J-3rd (leaving out some parts) and turn to delving into Gödel via Smith. I’ll have to work out a good transition (especially since I’d like to throw in some Smullyan GIT too). [Did you know that Smullyan has yet another puzzle book: The Gödelian Puzzle Book: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Proofs. He must be taking his old recursion-joke about how to live forever quite seriously…]

  2. I just made a certain etymological connection; it seems that Schmidt/Smith did prove the Incompleteness Theorem. (this joke is ruined by Kripke’s precision in using ‘discovered the incompleteness of arithmetic’).

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