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  • Do please check that your library by now has a copy of the second edition of An Introduction of Gödel’s Theorems (it really is significantly better than the first edition, with a lot of changes throughout). Having put in the work to improve the book, I’d like you/your students to have the best version available!
  • I’ve just updated the corrections page for IGT2 (thanks to Richard Baron for spotting a few more, fortunately minor, errors). 
  • I have also updated the page on what to read before/after/instead of IGT2.
  • I have further updated the notes Gödel Without Tears (the first three episodes  have now been revised).
  • In updating those notes I’ve removed a few unnecessarily fancy asides — the material appears in a different guise in the newest set of exercises for the book (which will you will find here). Indeed my plan as I work through updating the GWT notes is, at the same time, to add  exercises on the topics of revised episodes as I go along.

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