GWT again, TYL again, Haydn again

Just to note that more sections of Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears have been revised: you can always get the latest version here.

I hope it isn’t laziness or fatigue, but I find (slightly to my surprise) that I’m proceeding with quite light touch updating, rather than major rewriting — even when the corresponding parts of the second edition of the book have been significantly reorganised. But as I read through, I still think GWT works reasonably well, in its own terms, and I don’t want to spoil that. So I’m clarifying, re-sectioning, cutting a few things out, trying to improve readability, rather than anything more ambitious. Enjoy!

GWT gets a significant number of downloads (which is what makes it worth plugging away at improving it). But the Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide continues to be downloaded even more often, so I guess duty calls, and I need to get back to work on that. There’s a somewhat daunting list of suggestions of ways of improving/extending it. (Remind me: just how did I get myself embroiled in this seemingly unending project  …?)

On another theme entirely, a couple of months back I discovered that there’s a 32 CD boxed set of all the Academy Of Ancient Music’s recordings of Haydn symphonies under Christopher Hogwood (that’s not a complete set, but Symphonies 1–75, and six more). I got it remarkably cheaply, via an Amazon associate [updated: you can still get the set for  £1.70 a disc here]. These performances are an unalloyed delight. Just the thing for accompanying writing logic handouts …

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