Charles Parsons’s new book — let’s discuss it!

Charles Parsons has a new book out, Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century
a collection of his essays (all but one, I think,  previously published but with some new postscripts). Here’s the table of contents. So there is a broad unity of theme, but there should be enough variation of topic between the various essays to maintain interest.

Parsons is always worth reading and thinking about, and can write extremely lucidly. So I’m going to be reviewing this for Mind, since I’ll enjoy the chance of re-reading some of these essays, and catching up with those I haven’t read before. My plan is to post about some thoughts on the essays in order, starting about three weeks hence.

I’m announcing this in advance to give you a chance to get a copy of the book (or persuade your librarian to do a rush acquisition). I do hope some will be inspired to join in discussion in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Charles Parsons’s new book — let’s discuss it!”

  1. David Auerbach

    Well-timed (for me) since I was about to order it. (And, in doing that, saw that Ian Hacking has a new book on φmath: Why Is There Philosophy of Mathematics At All? What do we know of it?)

    1. Yes, I picked up a copy of Hacking’s book in the CUP bookshop a few weeks ago and started reading. But it is, erm, quirky … And having put it aside before I was away on holiday, I haven’t taken it up again.

  2. Daniel Nagase

    Sounds excellent. I’ve been eager to read Parsons’s for a while, this will be a good excuse to start doing it.

  3. David Auerbach

    Now that you’ve set my summer reading project (and now that grading, committees and various other tasks are done or postponable ) are you envisioning reading the Parsons in page order or some other?
    (I downloaded the Hacking, which was, at least in the pages I managed to get through, unpleasant reading. Every page had at least one sentence that brought me to a screeching halt; and not in a good way.)

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