M.M. McCabe: the crisis of the universities

Talking together, talking to ourselves: Socrates and the crisis of the universities.

Here Prof. McCabe says with passion and eloquence and learning what many of us think and sometimes, so much more stumblingly, try to express. Three cheers!

I hope that she makes available a written version of this valedictory lecture for those — normally including me — who, if only for time reasons, don’t get round to watching lectures online.  But yes, as Richard Baron says in his comment, the live performance in this case carries an impact that indeed makes it more than worth watching.

Ah, “impact” …

2 thoughts on “M.M. McCabe: the crisis of the universities”

  1. Ir was a fabulous lecture, and the video does not really convey the huge enthusiasm of the standing ovation at the end.

    Now, how can we get all university administrators to watch this? They, I think, need to watch the video. They need to hear the passion, and not just run their eyes casually over a script that they can file and forget.

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