Teach Yourself Logic, version 12.0

In time for the new semester/new term/new academic year (depending on how things are chunked up in your neck of the woods), there’s a new version of the Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide and a supplementary page on Category Theory, both downloadable from the Guide’s usual page.

The Guide has been restructured into Parts in a different, more logical way, to make navigating though the 95 pages easier. There have been quite a few changes in the recommendations (e.g. on FOL and model theory). The final section on serious set theory has been restored and improved. There’s even now an index of authors’ names. What’s not to like?

The Guide seems to get used quite a lot (one previous version was downloaded almost three thousand times), which is why it seems well worth spending time on it occasionally. But I’m pretty happy with the current structure and content, so I hope that for a while the main Guide will only need minor tinkering to keep it in good shape (though there might be some more supplementary pages still to come).

As usual, please do let me know if you spot typos, or indeed if you have more substantive comments!

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