The Very Short Teach Yourself Logic Guide

I seem to have gone full circle! The very first instalment of the TYL Study Guide was a short blogpost here. Then things grew. And grew. Until we get to the current 100 page PDF monster — and that’s only as short(!) as it is because some material has been exported to the Appendix and a supplementary webpage on Category Theory. Of course, the long version is full of good things, explains why the chosen texts are recommended, explains why others aren’t, suggests alternatives and supplementary reading, and more. But still, some might be interested in just getting the headline news.

So now, rather in the spirit of the original post, there’s an encouraging short and snappy page, The Very Short Teach Yourself Logic Guide, which just gives you the winners, the top recommendations for entry-level reading on the various areas of the core math. logic curriculum. (If you want to know why they are the winners, then you will have to look in the corresponding section of the full version of the Guide.)

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