More logic, phil. maths, foundations blogs?

Brian Weatherson has an interesting new blogroll of “active philosophy blogs” with “substantive” content [update: where Logic Matters now gets a mention!]. Inspired by that, I thought it was more than time to update the blogroll here. So alongside are now two short blogrolls to be going on with — scroll down the sidebar. One lists a few blogs with (occasional) logic/phil. maths/foundations of maths/or just maths content, the other links to a few other random favourites. (Hover your cursor over the blog title for a mini-description.)

The first list of logicky blogs is surprisingly short [Added: still short after an update, though I am being a bit selective]. Which probably simply reflects that I haven’t looked hard enough. So, folks, what am I missing? Any recommendations for (still active) blogs with good logic-related content??

Though actually, now I think about it, even Weatherson’s wide-ranging philosophy list is quite short, given the number of enthusiastic, energetic, philosophers out there. Perhaps the cool kids have moved on and blogs are no longer the done thing. A pity if so. They can be fun and illuminating for readers, and writers do get some ideas out there into the wider world (even a modest effort like Logic Matters counts its visitors per day in the many hundreds on the least generous of the stats counters).

[Added: with many thanks to @logicians on twitter, I’ve added a few more links, some I’d forgotten about, and one new to me.]

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