Teach Yourself Logic 2015

Back to logic after the festivities. Easing myself in very gently, here’s

A new version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide.

This is largely a ‘maintenance’ release of the study guide to the literature for upper undergrads/grads wanting to teach themselves some mathematical logic (or to supplement their courses). But it is slightly re-organized, has a couple of added recommendations from 2014 publications, and is actually a few pages shorter.

Last year, the Very Short Teach Yourself Logic Guide single webpage was visited 150K times (with a big spike in visitors due to an honourable mention on Reddit — I suspect most of those visitors, however, were looking for something much more elementary). But even versions of the full TYL Guide  were downloaded over 5K times. Since you have to click a link in an explanatory blog-post (like this one) or go to the TYL webpage to get the full version,  I guess that most of these downloads are purposeful, indicating that there is indeed a real need for something like the Guide. So although it isn’t my top priority, I’ll keep updating it when the spirit moves me, or when I get some good suggestions/helpful comments. Many thanks to everyone who has provided input over the last few years.

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  1. Have you seen Raymond Smullyan’s “A Beginners Guide to Mathematical logic”.
    if so what are your thoughts??

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