Postcard from Cornwall



We have been in Cornwall for a fortnight. Saint Mawes, since you asked. Much to be recommended for riposo totale. We have already booked to return to the same place next year.

Now I’m back, this blog will splutter into life again. Though I’ve just been deleting a little rather than adding. I had been posting initial discussions of the opening chapters of John Burgess’s Rigor and Structure. I was, however, beginning to find the book surprisingly thin and unhelpful, and didn’t have anything useful to say: so rather than continue carping I’ve decided to remove those posts. I did read on further, to get to what were advertised as the main novel claims. But I must be missing the point as what I found seemed banal. I seem to be too out of sympathy with Burgess style and approach. Your mileage may, of course, very well vary.

For a sharply contrasting book, at least in the level of depth and care, can I instead recommend (well, I’m only a couple of chapters in, but it is going terrifically) Ian Rumfitt’s The Boundary Stones of Thought (OUP). This is a predictably serious discussion of the nature of logic in which Rumfitt defends classical logic against a variety of broadly anti-realist attacks. Exemplary and inspiring stuff.

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