Logical snippets (again)

[Updating a post from fifteen months back.] For almost three years now, I’ve been a contributor to the useful question-and-answer site, math.stackexchange.com. This is a student-orientated forum, not to be confused with the truly wonderful mathoverflow.net which is its research-level counterpart. Think of my efforts as (hopefully) constructive procrastination on my part.

Of course, many of the questions on the site, including many I’ve found myself answering, are very ephemeral or very localized or based on very specific confusions. But a proportion of the exchanges to which I’ve contributed might, for one reason or another, be of some interest/use to some beginners and near beginners in logic.

So a while back, I put together a page of links to these logical scraps, morsels, excerpts, … snippets, shall we say. The links are grouped by level and/or topic.

This snippets page isn’t the most visited area of Logic Matters, but it gets more than enough hits to make it worth keeping alive. So — although I’ve been contributing to math.stackexchange rather less of late — I’ve just added links to some more recent postings there. Spread the word to students as/when appropriate.

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