Notes on Category Theory, v.7

Progress seems to have been a bit slow for various reasons, but I have now added two short-ish chapters to the Notes on Category Theory. One is a chapter on Exponentials added between the chapters on limits and the start of the chapters on Galois connections and adjunctions. The other is second chapter on adjunctions, showing how to generalize certain results we saw in the special case of Galois connections to apply to adjunctions more generally.  I have also added some material earlier to make some of the new later proofs work more smoothly.  Here then is the latest version of the Notes, some 170+ pages.

As I have stressed before, I’m myself learning as I go along from the project of writing these Notes. So as more light dawns, I of course can see how I could have arranged/explained earlier material rather better (OK, a LOT better). But for the moment, the plan remains to add a few more chapters, before eventually starting over and trying to get everything into a more ideal shape.

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