Notes on Basic Category Theory, v.9

I have tinkered a little with the previous version of the Notes, removing some fairly obvious typos, adding some remarks or improving a proof here and there, also adding a proof or two. That’s perhaps three or four pages of new material in all. As far as content goes, then, think of this as just a ‘maintenance upgrade’ from v.8b.

However, there is a big change in that the Notes do now look very different. They are now formatted with (more or less) the style-file governing the layout of my Gödel book. There may be a few resulting typographical glitches but the result looks a lot better in a way which should make the Notes more readable. And we all know that fancy typesetting makes what you write much more obviously wise and true  …. So here, for your aesthetic delight,  is version 9! 

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