There was an article in the Guardian a few days ago on Why does music give us chills? (shivers down the spine, goosebumps…). This has been the subject of  some interesting neuropsychological investigations; there are a few links in the article. I was surprised to learn that such chills are only experienced by about half the population — and even more surprised (to put it mildly) by what some of those interviewed at the end of the article reported as giving them the sensations. Still, here for your delight, I hope, is something that works for me. I wasn’t quite sure what performance to link to: dramatically, perhaps this is better. But while it may be a little hard to believe in Anna Netrebko here as a Gilda (such is her undimmable megawattage as a diva), she and Elina Garanca, Ramon Vargas and Ludovic Tézier, certainly deliver the chills:

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