A moment of cheer

For ever and a day, the old have bemoaned the state of the world and how it is now all going to the dogs. But it is difficult not to feel that, yes, even here in Europe, things really are going badly wrong. Certainly, I’ve found recent events more than usually unsettling and depressing. I offer then something really good coming from France to cheer us up for a moment.

In fact, Sabine Devieilhe’s whole Rameau disc ‘Le Grande Théâtre de l’Amour’ is terrific. Her stunning singing is matched by a very thoughtfully constructed programme: unlike some recital discs which can pall, the way that arias are interspersed with orchestral interludes means you can sit and listen straight through the whole disc with unalloyed delight. Recommended, then, if you too are feeling in need of something life-affirming.

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