A cheering start to the logical New Year?

Just before Christmas, I put a copy of Teach Yourself Logic 2016 on my rather sparse academia.edu page. It has since been browsed there over 45,000 times, and then the whole thing downloaded 2,500 times. I’m not sure how many times TYL has also been downloaded from Logic Matters, as the stats counter here is flakey (though the page it is linked from has been visited over 11,000 times in the last few weeks): but it is hundreds more.

The particular numbers don’t matter. But the trend is good.  At a personal level, this makes the effort I put into TYL continue to seem worthwhile. And more impersonally, this is serious logic we are talking about here: and caring about the future of the subject, it is really  good to find that there is enough interest out there for thousands of people to go to the bother of downloading the Guide, with at least some sense of what they are letting themselves in for. So this is all rather cheering, and puts a spring in my logical step, inspiring me to keep on tinkering with TYL and with related stuff.

But not quite yet! Back to category theory first …

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