Explaining Chaos, now freely available

John Earman wrote on the cover of my 1998 book Explaining Chaos “This book is a splendid achievement. With a minimum of technical apparatus, the author gives the reader a good feeling for the mathematics that underlies the collection of phenomena that collectively have come to be known as chaos. At the same time he provides a much needed debunking of the breathless claims about the revolutionary nature of chaos theory. There are also major positive contributions to our understanding of the nature of scientific methodology.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. If by some unhappy chance you’ve missed out on reading the book (it’s quite short), then now you have no excuse not to rectify the omission. For by kind permission of Cambridge University Press, you can now freely download a copy, preferably from here (bandwidth considerations!) where you can preview the file. Alternatively, if you don’t have an academia.edu login, just click on the cover picture.

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