Postcard from Sicily


We have been back to Sicily for a week, this time to the north-west corner, in and around Palermo and Marsala — visiting the temple at Segesta (above) on the last day, on the way back to the airport. All in all, a delightful trip, and we did a great deal. High points included the obvious ones, visiting some Palermo sights such as the Palantine chapel, going up to Monreale, Erice, etc. Some terrific food and drink. Not least, we caught the first night of a really good production of Madame Butterfly at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo (brilliantly sung, and not too much faffing about from the director).

Ah, I see that there are a number of emails giving lots of corrections to the early draft chapters of IFL2 which I’ll need to deal with next. But first a few days off; we need a holiday to recover from the holiday …

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