Generating truth-tables in LaTeX

I have just added to the “Logicians’ miscellany” page of LaTeX for Logicians a new heading “Help for generating truth-tables”. There is now a link there to a Truth Table Generator webpage by Michael Rieppel. This page contains a JavaScript program which will generate a truth table given one or more well formed formulas of sentential logic, and provide you with LaTeX source for the table.

Thanks to Sara Uckelman for the pointer to this. Any other recommendations for similar or even better resources?

3 thoughts on “Generating truth-tables in LaTeX”

  1. We’ll see if anyone gets sufficiently encouraged to try what Wittgenstein tried, namely to draw truth-tables also for quantificational logic. More seriously, forget about these annoying tables that do nothing else but hamper the learning of logic!

  2. Unfortunately, the truth-table generator table uses \top and \bot for true and false unless you ask for the plain-text version. I find a \top and \bot table significantly harder to read than one that uses T and F.

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