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I have just heard that CUP are definitely going to offer me a contract for a shiny new edition of my Introduction to Formal Logic.

If the press had never mentioned the idea, I would have probably never taken a hard look at the book again (since I’m no longer teaching from it, and haven’t done for six years) and so I would not have fretted about it.  But once the seed was sown of the idea of a new edition, I of course found myself re-reading the book with a critical eye. Not very happy with what I found! And so then, of course, I did indeed want to try to do a better job. Hence I’m very relieved and pleased that I will get the chance.

3 thoughts on “IFL2 news”

  1. Good news indeed !

    Please keep us informed as you proceed, as I have given high marks to that intro and many readers — from the US, the UK and from France — expressed their satisfaction upon reading my comment on amazon…

    My best wishes for an excellent year 2017.

    André Gargoura

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