Conditionals, yet again

It’s very predictable, I would imagine, that some of the chapters that have been giving me the most grief as I write the second edition of my logic text are the two chapters where I introduce the material conditional.

In the last few days, I’ve found been tinkering with them yet again. But this time, I have found myself feeling happier and wanting to re-write considerably less than on previous iterations of the process. So I hope that these chapters are now, at long last, in a decently stable state. But I would, it goes without saying, still very much welcome feedback — from colleagues but also especially from students (or their TAs) commenting on readability/clarity.

Here then are the chapters, just 25 pages. Comments to the address in the header on each page very gratefully received. (Bear in mind, though, that this is an intro book aimed at beginning philosophers, which is why it goes more slowly and more discursively than would be appropriate e.g. for a more advanced and/or more mathsy text.)

[Added] The previously linked chapters have now been superseded. Let me know if you want to see/comment on the latest updated version.

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