Interviews with philosophers at 3:AM

Probably most of people who happen across these blog posts will know of the series of interviews with philosophers conducted by Richard Marshall at 3:AM Magazine. These are often very readable and illuminating (and Marshall has an impressive ability to ask informed and pertinent questions right across the field).

What I have only just discovered is that there is a useful page giving links to the first 302(!) interviews here. So this post is just to spread the word to others who might be interested.

But I am struck how very opinionated the interviewees are. “Heavens, really …?” is my frequent reaction to the confident philosophical claims!  And indeed, I seem to find myself less and less sure of what I think about more or less any philosophical question as the years go on. (Which is, no doubt, why reverting to pure logic and other more mathematical things can be a blessed relief!).

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  1. As the old joke says: mathematicians are much cheaper than physicists; they don’t need any special equipment, just paper, pencil and eraser. Philosophers are even cheaper: they are happy to do without the eraser.

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