IFL2 Chapters 21, 22: QL languages

Here is the second instalment of some draft chapters planned for the second edition of my Introduction to Formal Logic. This time, there are two short chapters — still only eighteen pages. I introduce here the syntax and interpretational semantics of QL languages.

As far as syntax goes, my preference is for distinguishing parameters/dummy names from free variables (and banning wffs with dangling free variables, and wffs with repeated or  vacuous quantiers). And as far as semantics goes, at this stage we are just learning to translate in and out of formal languages, using Loglish as a half-way house. Hopefully there is nothing that should jar too much for expert readers, even when they might prefer to do things another way.

As always, comments most welcome (even if just ‘that was OK, so keep going!’). So here are Chapters 21 and 22, to follow on from Chapter 20 in the previous blog post. [Link now removed]

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