Getting Things Right

I used to much enjoy contributing to the admirable Ask Philosophers site (you can check out my efforts here!) Rather sadly I had to give that up. But it seems that I can’t resist the pedagogic imperative. So my energies got  diverted instead to another  admirable question-and-answer site,  math.stackexchange; I occasionally do my bit there, when the spirit moves, to answer some elementary logic questions, trying to  Get Things Right.

A lot of my answers are to questions of no lasting interest. But  I’ve linked to an assorted 140 answers which are of perhaps more than ephemeral interest. There should be something here to amuse, even instruct, students at various levels.

Is contributing to a question-and-answer site like that worth doing? Well, there are far worse ways of procrastinating on the internet! But anyway, I’ve just noticed the estimate for the number of readers for my answers. And while we all know that idle browsing doesn’t in general mean that we are paying much attention, someone is unlikely to be visiting and clicking on the link to an answer without some level of interest. I hope. Anyway, the stats are that approximately one million people have now viewed my answers there. Heavens!

(Actually, I don’t believe that figure at all — given I’ve answered less than a thousand questions and the average readership per question asked looks to be more like a hundred than a thousand: but even if it overcounts by a factor of ten, that’s still a goodly  number of readers.)

Does this count as “impact”, whatever the exact number? Who cares! It is enough encouragement to continue. (But excuse me, must dash,  someone is wrong on the internet, confusing entailment and the material conditional yet again …!)

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