IFL2: Table of Contents

I am posting here the detailed section-by-section Table of Contents of the first parts of IFL2.

Chapters 1 to 7 are introductory (informal notions of validity, proof, counterexample, etc.) Chapters 8 to 18 introduce the notion of formal PL languages, tautological entailment, the material conditional, etc. Chapters 19 to 22 introduce a natural deduction system for PL inferences. The detailed ToC gives a pretty good idea, I think, of what the chapters cover.

I won’t post all those chapters here in this blog (in part for copyright reasons, not wanting to upset CUP). I will however probably post the full ND chapters for comment when I’ve had another look at them. But drop me an email if you would be interesting in seeing all these chapters and perhaps commenting on (some of) them — under the usual rules, i.e. the chapters aren’t for further circulation. The book has already been much improved thanks to the kindness of strangers; but I’m sure there are more improvements to make!

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