J. Donald Monk, Mathematical Logic and Lectures on Set Theory

I have only just noticed that J. Donald Monk has made his admirable Mathematical Logic (Springer, 1976) freely available for download, which could well be of interest to some readers here.

A smaller number of discerning readers might also be interested his book-length Lectures on Set Theory (work in progress, it seems, last updated a few months ago). Unlike that earlier more discursive book, these are rather terser notes. But they consequently cover a great deal, including — on a quick look — a significant amount of relatively recent material. The main parts of the Lectures are

    1. Logic
    2. Elementary Set Theory
    3. Generic sets and forcing, I
    4. Infinite combinatorics
    5. Generic sets and forcing, II
    6. PCF
    7. Continuum cardinals

This seems as if it could be a useful resource.


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