Sound the trumpet!

A full PDF of IFL2 is off to CUP! Again. And not for the last time, because there’s the whole process of sending it out a proof-reader still to be gone through. But it’s a major step on the road. The book is at last in a stable state, and it is — let’s hope — very minor tinkering from here on in.

Heavens, this all seems to have been a great deal of work. Remind me again why I agreed to do a second edition?

3 thoughts on “Sound the trumpet!”

  1. Dear Prof. Smith:

    Elsewhere on you site, you mentioned, sometime ago, the possibility of a book on Gentzen’s work. I have not found a further reference to that. Is it still a possibility?

    1. A possibility … but at the moment, it seems a distant one. But I’d still like to get my thoughts together, in particular, about Gentzen’s proof(s) of the consistency of arithmetic.

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