Book sale! — including a fine book on Ramsey

Far be it from me to encourage you to add yet more books to your groaning shelves, but … You might well find something of interest in the “cyber sale” from Palgrave Macmillan — each and every title is now £9.99. Given the usual list price of many of their books is around £80, this  means that there are some real bargains here.

Or at least, there are bargains if there are books in their massive catalogue which are actually worth having. Looking through their philosophy backlist, I didn’t find much to appeal to me, other than perhaps some of the titles in the history of analytic philosophy series. But I will mention one book which I know to be really very good indeed, Steven Methven’s Frank Ramsey and the Realistic Spirit (2015). Don’t take my word for it: read Cheryl Misak’s very warm review.

The sale is only on for a few days, until 3rd December. If you spot other titles you’d like to recommend to readers of this blog, then do comment below!

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