The Rise of Analytic Philosophy, 1879–1930

It is very good to see that my friend and one-time colleague Michael Potter’s book The Rise of Analytic Philosophy, 1879–1930: From Frege to Ramsey (Routledge) is now out. And given it is over 500 pages, the paperback is pretty reasonably priced by modern standards.

I suppose some might complain that there is a slight  suggestio falsi in the title, for the thematic route through the concerns of Frege, some time-slices of Russell, early Wittgenstein, and then Ramsey, is only part of the story of the rise of what we now think of as ‘analytic philosophy’. But let’s not argue about that! This familiar route is certainly of quite central interest and importance, and students need an accessible, readable, and reliable guide taking them along it. The interpretation of all four philosophers is a contentious business, so no doubt those who know more about the debates than I do will find things to cavil with. But I enjoyed reading quite of the bit of the book in draft, often found it illuminating, and can warmly recommend it.

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