I can now bore for England …

The scaffolding for our loft conversion went up on June 3rd. The decorators finally left a few days ago. So we’ve been living with workmen around, with some short gaps, for over six months. But it has, in the end, all been really worth it.

And let me leave the story more or less there. I can now bore for England on the subject of loft conversions; but it’s the sort of thing which is of all-consuming interest if you are in the middle of it yourself, but of very little interest to everyone else (“is it still not finished?” friends say solicitously, before quickly moving on). If anyone local to Cambridge wants advice and recommendations, I’m your man! But here, all I’ll say is that things went more or less as smoothly as one could hope, and the result is quite terrific. Which is a mighty relief.

But the combination of almost continual low-level disturbance at home (and occasionally a lot more) and the energy-sapping business of knocking IFL2 into shape means I get to the end of 2019 having done a heck of a lot less than I’d have liked, in lots of ways, particularly on various logic matters. So some battery-recharging over the holidays next, and then I must fix on A Sensible Plan for 2020: I really don’t want to hang up my logical boots just yet … But I need to focus. So why have I just ordered a stack of books in the OUP sale?

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