Teach Yourself Logic 2020 updated

Since I posted it on Dec 11, the newly revised Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide has already been visited a few thousand times — more than enough to confirm my impression that it is worth continuing to maintain and update the Guide when the spirit moves me.

Thanks in particular to some very useful comments from Daniel Nagase when I posted that initial version (see the comments here), I have now updated TYL 2020 again.

[Added. Updated with a couple of additional sentences again on Dec. 31.]

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  1. I don’t know whether my *Introduction to Discrete Mathematics via Logic and Proof* (recently published in Springer’s *Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics* series) would qualify as a book for your consideration, but the first two chapters are on Propositional Logic and First-Order Logic, treated from the perspective of Jaskowski-Fitch natural deduction. My aim there is to have mathematics and computer science students learn some basic logic in a form that will help them better understand the structure of mathematical proofs and the background to Boolean functions and computer logic.

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