Year: 2019

Duet display again


I’m relatively minimalist about techie stuff these days, and am mostly a late-adopter or never-adopter. But let me share a warm recommendation for something I have recently (re)-adopted, which actually does make work-life better. Yes, really! It will be no news at all to the more computer savvy: but this post is for the rest of us.

In fact, I first posted about using an iPad as an external monitor three years ago. However, I rather fell out of love with Duet Display when various changes with the Apple OS caused issues and when I also had a long undiagnosed cable/connection issue (I thought I had trouble with my MacBook ports, but as it happened it was two dodgy cables). But the developers have sorted the Mojave issues, I have sorted my cable issues, and Duet Display and my laptop are best friends again. So, by way of a public service announcement, let me spread the very good news once more (below the line, if you want to read on).

Happy New Year

Let’s start the year on a happy note! I’ve mentioned the terrific soprano Sabine Devieilhe here before. And for some sheer enjoyment, do try her new disc. She’s singing cantatas by the young Handel, together with the mezzo Lea Desandre and Emmanuelle Haïm’s band Le Concert de Astrée. Here’s a taster. The Gramophone review was rightly full of unqualified praise. I agree!

To add to the fun, here are two concert videos of Sabine Devieilhe — obviously having a great time singing Rameau, and performing a wonderful O zittre nicht from the Magic Flute.

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