Luca Incurvati, Conceptions of Set

Quite delighted to pick up in the CUP bookshop Luca Incurvati’s newly published Conceptions of Set and the Foundations of Mathematics. I saw some draft chapters some years ago when Luca was still in Cambridge, and this should really be very good. (Hopefully there will be a cheap paperback version sooner rather than later — but meanwhile do make doubly sure your library gets a copy, and/or gets e-access via the Cambridge Core system!)

I’ve dipped in a little, and plan to blogpost about the book  once I’ve finally sent off the camera-ready copy for IFL2 in a couple of weeks. (Yes, yes, you’ve heard it before; but the incremental revisions will come to an end, and Achilles will catch the tortoise, Zeno’s arrow will reach the target, and the my second edition will reach the publishers … the seemingly impossible sometimes happens.) In fact, I want more generally to get back to occasionally blogging about books as I read them, if only because I find it a very good way to fix my ideas. But in the meantime, it is back to fishing for typos and thinkos … What fun!

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