More natural deduction exercises

We are keeping our social distance, ducking out of meetings, avoiding cafés, having at least some food supplies delivered rather than going to the shops, and so on — all in all, erring on the side of caution, given age considerations. Keep calm and carry on. What else can you do?

So I’ve had a  bit more time than expected to plough on with getting answers to IFL2 exercises online (discovering along the way that one of the exercises asked students to prove a falsehood — I live and learn: fortunately I can still change the final final PDF for the book).

By my lights, the key thing for philosophy students is to understand the principles behind a natural deduction system (and ideally, to get some sense of what are the deep ideas, and what are matters of presentational choice). Doing a few exercises no doubt helps understanding. Getting expert at proof-discovery goes beyond what is really necessary. Still, I can’t resist: I have now provided very extensive worked answers — over forty pages — with a lot of hints and tips for proof discovery. You will find the exercises and answers here. I hope they will be of some interest even to those not using IFL2 (e.g. users of forall x).

Exercises for QL natural deduction next … is there no end to the fun?

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