IFL2 update … and online lectures?

IFL2 should be published this month. You can admire the cover and “look inside” at an excerpt here, courtesy of CUP  (though the first chapter is not particularly representative). There’s more info at the book’s homepage here. I’m gradually populating the page of worked answers to the end-of-chapter exercises. And hey ho, there’s already a corrections page of typos …

I’ve been turning over in my mind the idea of putting online some series of 30 minute lectures associated with the book. At the moment I’m rather minded to provide these as “voice-over-slide-show” videos, probably with some very short talking-head interludes (so the lectures aren’t just coming from a disembodied oracle!). Since you can grow proofs in real time in a video in a way in which you can’t in a printed book, a supplementary series of videos on propositional natural deduction might indeed be quite helpful to students: so that’s where I’d start.

However, delving online for guidance about how best to do this, I’m getting lost! There is a lot of “how to/how not to” advice out there, and it is difficult to know where to start. So if anyone has any recommendations for guidance for similar projects which they have found useful, do please let me know here! [I’d be creating the videos on a Mac, using Beamer for the slides.]

5 thoughts on “IFL2 update … and online lectures?”

  1. That’s a great idea. But I wish you did that for your Intro to Godel’s Theorems. At any rate, IFL is very easy for most people to study by themselves. Not so much for the IGT.

  2. Apologies for the off-topic comment. A few weeks back, you mentioned that you’re planning a mid-year update to the “Teach Yourself Logic” guide, so I just had a couple of suggestions.

    1. I think it would helpful have a “title index” that lists all the texts in the guide in one compact place.

    2. What do you think about adding Schutte’s “Proof Theory” text?

    1. 1. I tend to remember books by author rather than title. What form do you envisage a useful title index taking? An entry having title, followed by author(s)??

      2. Good question! I’ll need to remind myself ….

      1. I was thinking of something like an “executive summary” that simply lists all the sources with their authors in one place (perhaps grouped by the sections they appear in.) I suppose a standard list of references at the end of the document would do the job too.

        This occurred to me after you released TYL2020 and asked for recommendations on additional titles. I realized there’s no easy way to survey what appears in the guide without browsing the entire document.

        Perhaps there’s no need for such a summary – it was just a thought.

        As for Schutte: it’s old and tough, but my understanding is that it’s one of the view classic texts on ordinal analysis (comparable to Takeuti,)

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