Thirty-six of the chapters in IFL2 have end-of-chapter exercises. Thirty-one of these  sets of exercises now have on-line answers, often with quite detailed discussion, available here. That includes all the chapters up to and including the chapters on QL proofs.

The question sets are also available online, in a form that means that most of them can be used independently of the book. Indeed from the download stats pre-publication, they already seemed to being so used, which is good to see.

Something else I recently discovered from those stats is that in fact the sets of exercises and worked answers I started for the Gödel book (which I stopped developing because I thought there was no interest in them) are in fact being downloaded quite often. So once all the IFL2 answers are all in place, I might yet turn back to putting together more Gödel-related exercises, which could be quite a fun project at least for the later parts of the book.

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