Counting down to a new paperback version of IGT

Encouraged by a helpful ‘how to’ email from Richard Zach (thanks!), I’m setting up a print-on-demand paperback reprint of the corrected second edition of An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems. And the good news is that it will be a third of the price of the previous CUP version (ok, it won’t have the prettier cover, and the paper quality isn’t so good: but otherwise, it isn’t at all shabby). I’m impatiently awaiting a second proof copy, as I needed to adjust the margins from the first proof, and I also want to see whether the alternative paper choice works better. But all being well, this will become available within a week.

I’ve used the Amazon KDP service (despite reservations). But for this sort of project it seems the best option on various counts; and they won’t make an additional fortune from the likely low sales at almost the minimum allowed price.

Having got the hang of this self-publishing business, a more exciting possibility is opening up. Watch this space …

2 thoughts on “Counting down to a new paperback version of IGT”

  1. Richard has a piece here:

    CreateSpace has been bought up by Amazon, to become Amazon KDP:

    Once I found that the KDP website sometimes plays a bit more nicely with Firefox rather than Safari, and realized that a great deal of what look to be long-and-complicated sets of instructions don’t apply if you are (a) just going for pbk publication (not Kindle), and (b) already know about the various aspects of formatting a book e.g. in memoir.cls, from setting a stock size onwards, then it really is pretty plain sailing. I’d seen blog posts about people encountering difficulties with LaTeX generated PDFs: zero problems for me. I’ll post more when I’ve seen another proof copy (or two).

    I didn’t experiment with the Lulu alternative (I’m happy to satisfice on quality rather than maximize, so long as the price is right/and there is easy distribution for any student who wants to buy a physical copy.)

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