Corrections, corrections …

I at last hit the “publish” button for Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears as an Amazon print-on-demand book; and within less than a day of its going live, I received a list of corrections and suggestions based on a late draft. Of course.

This is the kind of thing which would be so very very annoying with a book published the old-school way — I’d be kicking myself repeatedly for missing the obvious typos that couldn’t be corrected until a later reprint, perhaps years down the road. But in this case, I had a corrected version done within hours, and Amazon had approved it within another few hours. No more than two dozen very early adopters will have the original version (sorry!); from now on you should receive a copy which says on the verso of the title page “This revision: 5.xi.2020” [added: now “9.xi.2020].

In fact — rather a relief! — the caught mistakes mostly turned out to be minor, a few obvious typos, a few clumsy errors like using “then” twice in a sentence. There’s just a couple of places you could be led astray, and a footnote it would be good to add. Here’s a list of corrections.

A general comment though. Corrections to any of the three Big Red Logic Books are still welcome (or at least, corrections which e.g. note obvious mistakes, or stylistic infelicities, or uses of English which are opaque to someone who isn’t a native speaker). Dealing with such corrections is very straightforward: so you can keep them coming!

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  1. It would be useful to have a pdf corrections page that people could print and put in their copy. (I haven’t yet received the copy I ordered, but I think it will probably be the original.) [Similarly for the other books if significant corrections appear.]

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