Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears published!

Brought to the front again — very short version: GWT is available on Amazon, print on demand.

Longer version: Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears is based on notes for the lectures I used to give to undergraduate philosophers taking the Mathematical Logic paper in Cambridge. Earlier versions were available here online, and have been much downloaded for a decade (and I know they have been used for seminars/lecture courses elsewhere). As occupational therapy in this time of pandemic, I have now very considerably tidied-up the notes into a book format — and many thanks to all those who have helped along with way with suggestions and corrections.

You can think of the result as a much cut-down version of my big Gödel book; it is just over a third of the length, but still aiming to explain some of the key technical facts about the incompleteness theorems. It should be rather more accessible too, as it cuts out some of the fancier digressions in the big book, and tries to make the rest of what it does cover as clear as possible.

The book is now available as a very inexpensive, at cost, print-on-demand book for less than $5/£4/€4.5. See e.g. US link, UK link; you can ‘look inside’ from the linked pages, which will give you a good impression of what the book covers. For other Amazons, use the ASIN identifier B08L5MQLRQ. 

(Small print: sorry about using Amazon; but they bought up the CreateSpace platform …! And they do a surprisingly decent production job at a very low price if you basically forgo royalties.)

3 thoughts on “Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears published!”

  1. I think you should write a sequel to IFL. You are such an amazing writer. Both your IGT (&GWT) and IFL are super amazing. It’s b a shame if you do not.

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