More logicbites

There are now 10 logicbites, very much intended for students. They introduce Chapters 1 to 10 of IFL, varying from one page to five, often quoting from other people’s textbooks (and sometimes criticizing them!).

I’ve found it surprisingly fun to go back, in most cases after many years, looking at how others have handled introductory topics. My book is very far from perfect, and needs a third edition (yes, really); but I can see why I was originally moved to write it, back in the day!

2 thoughts on “More logicbites”

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’m Peter. Just wanted to very quickly say that I began learning logic from your textbook. It helped me understand the subject so much better than Hodges’s Penguin paperback, or Lemmon’s introductory text… both staple recommendations for the student.

    I hope your textbook gets more recognition. I used it in conjunction with Lepore’s “Meaning and Argument” and I’ve never looked back.

    Logic texts have been so much easier ever since and so I owe you much gratitude. So thanks very much indeed.

    Go well, stay safe, and please do keep up the great work. It’s all very much appreciated!

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