Feferman’s virtual book: Logic, Mathematics, and Conceptual Structuralism

In the 2018 collection of articles Feferman on Foundations (about which more in a follow-up post), we learn that shortly before his death Sol Feferman proposed to OUP a sequel to his terrific volume of papers In the Light of Logic. He wanted to collect together some more of his later papers of broader philosophical interest, under the suggested title Logic, Mathematics, and Conceptual Structuralism.

Sadly the proposal seems not to have been taken up. However, but apart from any introduction he might have written, the book does exist in a virtual state, as all the papers are on Feferman’s website. So here is his proposed Table of Contents, linked to the papers which are divided into five groups (hopefully I’ve linked to the right targets!) :

I. My Route

II. The Mathematical Mind

III. What is Classical Logicality?

IV. Conceptual Structuralism

V. New Axioms for Mathematics?

Some of these pieces are rightly very well known; others I haven’t come across before — so I’m now really looking forward to reading this virtual book.

1 thought on “Feferman’s virtual book: Logic, Mathematics, and Conceptual Structuralism”

  1. Thanks! What a great idea!

    The links all seem to work and I think are to the right papers.

    Do I dare to read the one on Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, free will, and mathematical thought, given how much dubious stuff is written on free will even by otherwise good philosophers?

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