Beginning Mathematical Logic: A Study Guide

I’ve renamed the old Teach Yourself Logic study guide; it is now more aptly called Beginning Mathematical Logic: A Study Guide. And there is now a new version of Part I of the Guide (all 95 pages of it) which you can download from here. It’s taken some time to settle on a style for the expanded Guide (though in the end I have not worried too much about keeping the level of the “overviews” of various topics consistent in level), and also it’s a judgement call where to place e.g. a quick introduction to second-order logic.

If you read the PDF from within a browser (as opposed to downloading it and using a PDF reader) it seems best to use Firefox on a Mac. Because then, if you go back after clicking a link, you are returned to your place in the Guide: Safari returns you unhelpfully to the beginning of the Guide.

All comments/corrections gratefully received as always — but perhaps better to use email until I can sort out the comment handling on the blog. The comments will arrive in my admin dashboard but won’t be visible.

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  1. Hi, in case it has went under your radar, I would like to suggest Stillwell’s “Roads To Infinity” as a very nice expository book that can be a good addition (and perhaps “The Real Numbers: An Introduction to Set Theory and Analysis” and “Reverse Mathematics: Proofs from the Inside Out”, which however only fit tangentially as projects)

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