Website woes (updated again)

For a day, all the comments here on blog posts and on static pages oddly disappeared. But by magic they have now reappeared. By magic, because I spent a couple of hours online with Bluehost without resolving the problem. (I can’t be too cross about that, apart from the annoying waste of time —  Bluehost have been absolutely stars at sorting issues in the past). And now, in some random fiddling on seemingly unrelated aspects of the site, the comments have reappeared. Hey ho.

But still, maybe this is all telling me that — after more than ten years — it is really well past time to update the WordPress theme, and do various other under-the-bonnet updates. I’ve been putting this off for too long. Bluehost have set things up so I can play with a test site for a while before going live. So there’s a project for rainy evenings …

1 thought on “Website woes (updated again)”

  1. David Makinson

    Since a week or so ago, I have been having trouble accessing your site via my Samsung smartphone. However, access via my PC seems to be unaffected.

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