Big Red Logic Books: now available in Australia!

Short version: paperbacks of An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems,  An Introduction to Formal Logic, and Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears are now available from Amazon in Australia.

Slightly longer version: An Australian version of Amazon’s KDP print-on-demand service has been up and running since the beginning of the year. Initially, however, it couldn’t handle books in the format of the Big Red Logic Books. But (though they haven’t told authors!) I have just discovered in the last hour that the books are now available locally. The prices are set to the minimum possible (the fixed printing and distribution charges are higher in Oz, but I’ve set the royalties to zero to compensate).

So please spread the word Down Under. The books have been available as PDF downloads for a year, but there are quite a few who much prefer to work from printed books. And do tell local librarians (you might need to do a bit of explaining/cajoling too, as librarians tend to hold their professional noses over self-published books, and don’t approve of Amazon either! — but other publication routes would have been much more expensive).

I’d be interested to hear how the physical copies turn out  (the UK printed ones are really surprisingly good, apart from slightly flimsy covers, given the price point).

3 thoughts on “Big Red Logic Books: now available in Australia!”

  1. Hi Prof Smith

    Do you think learning your IGT is sufficient for understanding Godel’s original 1931 paper itself? Any suggestion as to what background is needed for understanding the paper itself?

    Thank you.

    1. Someone who has read IGT could certainly tackle Gödel 1931, though that original paper is rather compressed and the notation is often a bit unfriendly. In fact, very little is required to read that paper (except some patience and concentration), as Gödel is having to explain everything from scratch!

      1. Thank you. This is very helpful.

        Btw, your GWT is my absolute love. I have gone through it 3 times so far. If only people wrote more books like that.
        And the idea of putting it on Amazon was so cool!

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