Vaguely distracted

I’ve been distracted from plurals — just for a day, I tell myself — by the arrival of Crispin Wright’s collected papers on vagueness (a 450 page book at a very decent price, by the way, and a must-read for anyone half-interested in the topic). Richard Heck contributes a forty page introduction, picking out some main themes: and on a quick first read this seems pretty insightful and really very helpful for (re)orientation. And then jumping to the end, I’ve been reading Wright’s most recent piece on “Intuitionism and the Sorites Paradox” (which was in the Oms/Zardini edited volume of essays on the Sorites). This is, needless to say, an impressive, challenging, imaginative essay. But I’m going to have to just mull over the ideas for now, and return to this, and to many of the other essays in the book, more seriously later. I’m sure, though, that my quarter-baked thoughts on vagueness won’t be fit for public consumption here! And for now it is back to plural logic (because getting a bit clearer about that is more directly relevant to other projects …).

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