New book: Wittgenstein on mathematics.

There’s a new book in the Cambridge Elements series on Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics by Juliet Floyd. And for a few days it is freely available to read (and indeed download) here. I really rather doubt that it will appeal, though. Unless you like this sort of writing (the sixth paragraph, not at all untypical):

Aspects are modal, attaching to possibilities and necessities: fields of significance, opportunities for projecting and instantiating our concepts. We see through the picture to our own seeing of it as realizing one way among others. What we see is seen, but also we see. We rearticulate what we see, sometimes seeing it thereby anew. There is an active and a passive aspect to this. Aspects show themselves (the middle voice). What we are seeing is not simply an actual drawing on a page. We can also “see” in these drawings possibilities of projecting our concepts. Here we take modality as primitive, though up for investigation.

This ex-editor of Analysis most certainly wouldn’t have let that pass as acceptable.

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