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There used to be a little subscription form in the sidepanel of the old-look Logic Matters where you could subscribe to get email notifications whenever there was an update here. I’ve decided against replicating this. Instead of auto-generated mailings, I’ll just send out occasional short Newsletters to alert people to the more interesting new postings or series of postings. Here’s the first Newsletter, as sent out to previous subscribers. If you want to get future such mailings — and I promise your email box will not be cluttered! — then you can subscribe by following this link. (There’s a permanent link in the footer of those pages which have them.)

1 thought on “Occasional newsletters”

  1. OccasionalReader

    Hi Peter,
    I came across a book published in 2019 on proof theory that I had seen scarce review of, have you seen it at all before? It is titled `Proof Theory and Algebra in Logic` and it is by Hiroakira Ono. Thanks

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