Postcard from Rhodes

Ancient Kamiros

A week on Rhodes, in stunning October weather, to stay with the Digital Nomad Daughter. Our first time travelling abroad since the pandemic struck. We seem to have survived the covid festival at the airport (we didn’t think our fellow travellers’ mask game was exactly optimal), and fingers crossed for the return. But here seems safer than at home.

Of course being with family again is terrific; and Rhodes is a delight in all kinds of ways. But it’s been particularly good as well to have been jolted out of our routine ways. After two years of restrictions at various levels, it is all too easy to fall into quite a deep rut, where one day runs into another with very little to distinguish them. To be sure, it’s a comfortable rut (and we are very conscious how fortunate we are compared with so many); but still, it is enervating to say the least. A vivid reminder of other possibilities is correspondingly enlivening. Let’s hope the effect doesn’t wear off the moment we step back into grey Cambridge days. Though, given the grim direction that covid statistics are taking, and not just in the UK, who knows if we will be able travel again soon.

But we’ll worry about that later. For now, there is sun and an empty beach to contend with …

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