Offer: free web-hosting for three months

Earlier in the year, I moved Logic Matters from Bluehost to Siteground. I chose Siteground after doing an amount of homework — they do typically get well recommended in the techie press.

I’m very pleased to have made the effort, as this site now runs much more snappily, and various management tasks are made just that bit more easy. I’ve had very little occasion to use their support services, but when I have done, all has gone smoothly enough. So I wouldn’t hesitate also to recommend Siteground, especially for hosting a WordPress site. They are somewhat more expensive after the first year than Bluehost, but you get what you pay for.

I mention all this because Sitegound have just e-mailed “a limited time exclusive offer that you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone else”:

People who visit our website through your referral link until November 25, 2021 will be able to sign up and use any of our shared hosting plans for 3 months free of charge. Additionally, they will be able to request 1 manual professional website migration from our support team and will not be charged for this service either. This is an exclusive offer that is not publicly available on our website and can only be granted by our existing customers like you.

So: for anyone thinking of moving host, or indeed starting their first site, here is the referral link! (Disclosure: as is the way with these things, I get a bit of free hosting for any successful referral.)

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