A Christmas card

Jacques Fouquier, Winter Scene, 1617 (detail): Fitzwilliam Museum

So here we are. Christmas again, but covid rampant again outside, full of colds inside, and such grey weather making us even more reluctant to stray far from home. On the plus side, no vulnerable  relatives to be deeply anxious about, comfortably off, comfortably housed — very lucky in many ways. But, as we all know, it all gets very very wearying, and spring seems a long way off. Still, for now, it is going to be a lot of reading of new books round the fire, and some good food and wine, and some cheering films. (There’s a new season of The Great, too …!)

With all good wishes for Christmas and for an eventually much better New Year (though isn’t that just what I said last year?!). And stay well.

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